We evaluate digital channels and give insight on how to optimise them for the real users


Our contribution to your business is to provide independent expert evaluation. We analyse how well your digital channels meet your users' needs and expectations. With us you can optimise your digital channels for targeted user groups and business performance.


Your users have the solution

Your users, their needs, their behaviour and their expectations are constantly changing. To give them a good user experience that supports business objectives requires ongoing development. 

The only way to make sure that your updates are in fact improving the users' experience is to base them on valid data.

E-Space continuously measures and analyses who your real users are, their behaviour, conversion pattern and how well their needs and expectations are met. Based on this data we give comprehensive advice on how to increase the value of your digital channels by developing a more tailored experience for targeted users.

We provide professional and independent evaluation and the insight you need about users to keep on the right track. After a few iterations with us you will see a clear improvement in your users' satisfaction and your channels' business performance.


Evaluation is the key to improvement.


The Evaluation Space.

The hard part in digital management is to know which changes are needed and when, to provide the user experience you want. Unfortunately, most development decisions are based on gut feeling, often doing more damage than good to the real users' experience.

The crucial step that's missing is evaluation. Our mission is to fill the Evaluation Space and supply the data and insights needed to make the right decisions over and over again. When you have realised that your users have the solution, we help you uncover it.

With E-Space evaluation you will get the insights you need to develop your digital channels to support your business objectives.

With E-Space evaluation you will get the insights you need to develop your digital channels to support your business objectives.

The three steps in our evaluation


1. Data Collection

Based on your business and online targets our advisors set up a tailored measurement for your digital channel based on a combination of intelligent surveys and user tracking. This can be complemented with focus groups and other means of data collection.

2. Analysis

Our capable analysts transform the collected data into meaningful relationships and conclusions.

3. Insight

One of our advisors presents the concluding insights, transforming the data once more into valuable suggestions for improvement based on your online and business targets.

We have the experience


Towards perfection since 1998

We have supported businesses and other organisations towards online perfection since 1998 and have seen it all. We have evaluated thousands of digital channels in more than 50 languages for customers ranging from multinationals to small municipalities. Our experience will help you understand and meet your users on their terms.