Are your digital channels providing the right value? 

E-Space helps you understand and improve your online performance

We give you the best available understanding of how to improve the prioritised target groups' experience.
We use tried and trusted combinations of  user surveys and tracking data.



Users are very keen to give direct feedback on apps.
Can you honestly improve without understanding
their daily needs?  Read more 


Website evaluation will give you insights on the experience, needs and behaviour of all target groups on your website.  Read more 

Customer research

Combining website evaluation with customer research will give you a powerful understanding of your full interaction with the prime target group. Read more 


Our intranet evaluation gives you the information you need to make sure users get their say on functionality. After all, it's their workspace.  Read more 

The experience you give the people that matter determines your success. 
We have helped organisations stay in tune with actual users since 1998.